Testing, inspection and maintenance of work-at-height PPE

Access Testing and inspection of your work-at-height PPE.

A height safety system (such as a cable-based fall protection system, single point anchor, or vertical fall arrest system) can only be used safely and correctly if the operative has been provided with the correct personal protective equipment. Unsuitable or non-compliant work-at-height PPE is often the weak link in an overall height safety strategy and requires just as much attention as the safety systems themselves.

Access Testing carries out the inspection of PPE in accordance with statutory requirements and guidelines. These include: PUWER (Provision of Work Equipment Regulations), BS EN 365, and HSE guideline INDG 367, 9/02 C300 (Inspection of Fall Arrest Equipment made from Webbing or Rope), BS 8437: 2005 CoP – For selection use and maintenance of personal fall protection equipment for use in the workplace. This includes Rescue Equipment, which also requires periodic inspection.

One particular problem that faces clients is that different manufacturers of textile-based products have different maximum lifespans for their equipment. These can prove a real headache for duty-holders who are unfamiliar with the various different regimes.

Access Testing can put your mind at rest. We are fully familiar with the obsolescence policies of all the major manufacturers webbing / rope products. Not only will we inspect and certify the equipment based on the relevant inspection criteria, but we will advise our client when the equipment is due to come to the end of its shelf-life. This enables the client to implement a proactive procurement policy, ensuring compliance with the law.

Access Testing are also able to supply PPE and rescue equipment for almost all applications, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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