Testing, inspection and maintenance of vertical fall protection cable and rail systems

Access Testing for all types of vertical fall protection systems.

Vertical fall arrest systems have many applications – they are used on fixed ladders, masts, poles, pylons, inside wind turbines and in many other industrial and commercial settings

This type of work at height equipment usually consist of a vertical cable or rail with a traveller device which slides up and down the system. This is in turn attached to the operative via a short lanyard attached to the chest attachment point of his full body harness. Should the operative lose his footing, the traveller will quickly lock into position on the system, minimising free-fall and the risk of injury.

In common with all fall arrest systems, there are statutory requirements (in this case BS EN 795 & BS EN 365) to test and maintain this equipment. This is carried out on an annual basis. Access Testing are fully competent in carrying out the statutory inspection, and we are approved by all major manufacturers of vertical fall arrest systems.

Following our test visit, a test certificate is issued, and a full report detailing any remedial works required to make good any defects. We will also make recommendations as to how the overall site safety strategy can be improved where necessary. Our customer relationship software ensures the client is informed in good time before the systems are due for re-test, enabling the works to be planned in before the test is overdue.

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